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Prescription Radiation Safety Glasses (ULT LITE) Prescription Lead Glasses w/o Side Shields Women's Leaded Prescription Safety Glasses (Style 1)
Prescription Lead Safety Glasses (WRAP)
Prescription Lead Safety Glasses (WRAP)
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Radiation Protection Safety Glasses (WRAP)

Item# X-307-GRPSP

These prescription lead safety glasses have sharp corners and stylish angles.


  • T- head-hugging wraparound frame comes with perforated rubber nosepieces for increased breathability
  • Nose grip an essential feature on this leaded safety glasses
  • Innovative technology
  • Modern styling
  • Optimized comfort
  • Superior quality & durability


  • Lead equivalent front lens: 0.75mmPb
  • Available in black only

Manufacturer warranty: 2 years

Note: Images under options tab are only intended to illustrate frame color

Note: Due to the "wraparound” or curved nature of frame and lenses, the strength of a prescription is limited. The frame is able to accept  “Sphere", or "SPH" power between +2.00 and -4.00, and "Cylinder", or "CYL" power between +2.00 and -2.00. There is no limit to the "Axis". If Rx lists both Sphere and Cylinder powers, then add Sphere and Cylinder for each eye separately (Right Sphere + Right Cylinder, Left Sphere + Left Cylinder).The combined power for each eye must be between +2.00 and -4.00.

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