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Full Wrap Around Apron Full Protection Flexible X-Ray Lead Vest and Skirt Apron
Standard Vest and Skirt Apron
Standard Vest and Skirt Apron
Standard Vest and Skirt Apron Standard Vest and Skirt Apron
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Standard Vest & Skirt Apron


This apron provides maximum protection and freedom of movement.


  • Ideal choice for longer procedures
  • Weight is evenly distributed between shoulders and hips
  • Elastic insert in skirt
  • Shoulder pads

Protective Material:

PB Standard:

  • 100% Traditional lead
  • Cost effective
  • Highest level of protection
  • .5 mm @ 150 kvp

PB Lite:

  • Composite blend - contains some lead
  • Lightweight design
  • Excellent protection & economic value
  • Protection of .5 mm @ 130 kvp
  • 15% Lighter than PB standard

PB Free:

  • 100% Lead free technology
  • Lightest protection available
  • Protection of .5 mm @ 100 kvp
  • 30% Lighter than PB standard
  • Environmentally safe
  • Easy low cost disposal

See options tab for upgraded protective material options

Custom fit aprons along with logo embroidery designs options are also available. Additional fees will apply.


Color Preview
Protection Type Preview
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