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Medical Manikins: More Than Just a Rubber Body

For those people outside the medical or emergency care professions, manikins are those things you see in stores.  Some look pretty realistic, others are kind of creepy.  It just depends.  In the health care fields, manikins are a whole lot different.  They serve a much more important use than simply displaying clothing and accessories for sale.  Medical manikins are crucial in the training of everyone in the health industry from the nursing aids and orderlies to the most sought after doctors and surgeons.  Naturally, those in the service industries often have a need for basic first aid and CPR and those manikins are vital for training those in the day care, life guarding, and other service fields to be ready for any emergency.  Whether you are a medical office manager or trainer, or part of a team in one of the service fields, it helps to understand the large number of medical manikins out there and what they do in order to properly stock your office.


Let’s start with the basic models.  While the torso only medical manikins aren’t the most realistic things to look at, they are very effective for training in CPR and choking techniques.  Many offices and clinics prefer to have the more anatomically correct and life sized manikins if possible though.  However, if you are traveling to a different location for a demonstration or to teach a CPR class, the smaller and more easily transported manikins may be ideal for your situation. 


Since the torso only models have been mentioned, it’s impossible to discuss medical manikins without touching on the subject of size.  Regardless of the medical manikin’s function, whether its water rescue or CPR, you are going to be able to find the manikin you need in infant, child, and adult sizes.  In some cases, you may even find an irregular option, like adolescent.  Especially for those in the emergency fields or those in pediatrics, as unpleasant as it is to consider, children need assistance as well and being familiar with the size and shape of their bodies is going to be instrumental in helping save lives. 


We have briefly touched on the functions of medical manikins.  Some are designed for use in training for choking situations as well as CPR.  Water rescue personnel often make use of medical manikins that can be used as both CPR learning tools and as water or drowning victims.  In a more clinical setting, basic patient care manikins are ideal for showing medical and nursing students the correct ways to move a patient or even how to perform certain procedures.  The arrhythmia simulator manikins have a very special function for those first aid workers and medical professionals who are likely to come across this type of situation.


From the simplest designs to the medical manikins with printers, computer components, and lights, these units are intended to make your job easier and ensure that you are up to speed on crucial medical procedures.  Evaluate your needs and take the time to find the right medical manikin for your office or medical setting. 


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