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ALLDRESS Absorbent Film Dressing Film Dressing, 4-8in Arglaes Antimicrobial Dressing (4.75in x 10in) w/ Alginate Pad

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Arglaes Antimicrobial Barrier Film Dressings

Item# Z5409CSMDM

4" x 4- 3/4" (10 cm x 12 cm)10/box
Arglaes is a transparent film dressing seeded with ionic silver in the film and the adhesive. Arglaes maintains an antimicrobial barrier for up to 7 days, continuously releasing silver ions through the use of controlled release polymers. The consistent, controlled release of silver provides antimicrobial barrier action that is completely non-cytotoxic. The film also has a high moisture-vapor transmission rate to help maintain a moist healing environment.;;Properties;- Antimicrobial barrier utilizes a sustained-activity, silver-based polymer;- Provides better wound healing environment;- Versatile and easy to use;- Non-cytotoxic;- Effective barrier against a broad spectrum of microbes;- Maintains full efficacy for seven days;;Indications;- Line Sites (CVPs, PICC);- Surgical Wounds;- Wide Range of Flat Wounds;- Pressure Ulcers;- Minor Burns
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