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Arglaes Antimicrobial Dressing (4.75in x 10in) w/ Alginate Pad Film Dressing, 4-8in Arglaes Film Dressing with Alginate Pad

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Arglaes Antimicrobial Film Dressings

Item# 5409CSMDM

This antimicrobial dressing features controlled release silver ions, a super-absorbent calcium alginate pad, and a high-MVTR transparent film. It is ideal for shallow wounds or post-op incisions that need the added benefit of fluid management. 4in x 4.75in (pad size 2in x 2in), 100/case.


  • Controlled-release silver ions
  • Calcium alginate pad for fluid management
  • High-MVTR transparent film
  • Up to five day wear time
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