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Central Line Dressing Change Tray w/ Suresite Dressing Trays Central Line Dressing Change Tray, Sterile
Dressing Change Kit
Dressing Change Kit
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Central Line Dressing Change Tray, Latex Free

Item# 16647DNYDMD

This tray was designed to allow clinicians to provide excellent patient care with quality products, while streamlining components, reducing waste, and offering cost-effective supply solutions.


  • Components packaged in sequence of use allowing for efficiently
  • Saves time otherwise spent ordering supplies and preparing for a procedure
  • Available with chlora prep antiseptic or povidone-iodine for site care


  • Mask
  • Alcohol Swabs (3 pk)
  • PVP Swabs (3 pk)
  • PVP Prep Pad
  • Split Gauze (2in x 2in)
  • Gauze Sponge (4in x 4in)
  • Suresite Framed Transparent Dressing
  • Tape
  • Latex-Free Gloves
  • Towel/Drape
  • Dressing Change Label
  • Ruler
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