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CompAir Compact Nebulizer w/ Bonus Battery Pack & DC


Child The CompAir Elite Compact Compressor Nebulizer has a small footprint and is packaged with a carrying case, nebulizer kit, mouthpiece, air tube, extra filters, child mask, multi-lingual instruction manual, and training DVD in Spanish and English.

***Includes free carrying case & instructional DVD***

*Note: RX is required for this item - Please fax to 713-706-4161 before placing an order*


  • High quality durable design
  • Easy to use operation
  • "Ready to go" system for quick patient set-up
  • Air tube features easy to grip air plugs for all patient populations
  • High performance reusable nebulizer
  • Fast treatment times


  • Carrying case with accessory compartment for convenient portability
  • Instruction manual 
  • Compressor, Nebulizer Kit, Extra Filters, Air Tube, Mouthpiece
  • Training DVD in Spanish and English.
10/20/2010 12:23:32 PM
Question: what is the liters of flow that this device puts out, what is the average treatment time for say albuterol and atrovent or deo-neb.

The nebulizer rate is 0.35ml/min.  Treatment time depends upon the dose recommended by the prescribing physician, most treatments are between 2 and 7 ml of medication.

With a flow rate of 0.35ml/min, we can say that a 2ml dose treatment would take about 6 minutes and a 7ml dose treatment would take about 20 minutes.

8/8/2009 11:09:46 AM
Question: Does this nebulizer run soley on battery power or does it need to be plugged into an outlet? I do a lot of travelling and with the difference in voltages I really need something battery powered. Also, can it easily be used for a child?

With the battery pack charged and attached, the CompAir Compact Nebulizer can operate independent of any electrical plugs.

4/21/2009 10:32:28 PM
Question: Our current neb takes my child about thirty minutes to complete a treatment. I believe our machine is a 2 amp neb. what is the standard treatment time for this particular machine and what is amp it runs on?
Answer: The treatment time depends on the nebulization rate of the unit and the amount of medication to be delivered.  Nebulization rate for CompAir Compact Nebulizer w/ Bonus Battery Pack & DC is 0.35ml/min (w/o cap).  For 5 ml worth of medication it would take approximately 15 min to deliver the meds.  Power consumption for this unit is 12 watts or 0.01 amps at 120volts.
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