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Ferno Pro-Flex X Ambulance Stretcher (Refurbished) EMS & Ambulance Stretchers Lightweight Ambulance Stretcher
Ferno Pro-Flex X Ambulance Stretcher NEW
Ferno Pro-Flex X Ambulance Stretcher NEW
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Ferno Pro-Flex X Ambulance Stretcher NEW

Item# Ferno Pro-Flex X Stretcher (NEW)

The Ferno PROFlexX X-Frame Ambulance Cot provides industry leading stability and safety and reduces the chance of injury to you or your patients. A rigid C-channel and carefully designed frame geometry reduce your chance of tipping or flipping the cot. And the exclusive EZ-Pull release handle reduces wrist strain and helps you position yourself before you assume the weight of the cot. LIMITED QUANTITY.


  • Superior Stability and Center of Gravity - come from a longer, fixed front leg in the X-frame, a rigid C-channel running the length of the cot, and carefully-engineered frame geometry.
  • 5-Positon Drop Frame - provides better leverage for lifting and loading, reduces the cot length by 15" for movement in confined spaces, and provides true 360ç turning radius in the lowest position.
  • All-Metal Frame Construction - provides strength, long service life, and exceptional performance with heavy patients.
  • Wider Bed Surface and Head Frame - provide comfort and support for various size patients and extra elbow room during intubation and CPR.
  • Stat Trac or 175 fastener compatible.
  • LBS ready.
  • One handed drop frame.
  • 5-position drop frame.
  • One handed safety bail release.
  • Restraints and mattress included.
  • Telescoping side lift handles.
  • Backrest adjusts 0_65ç.
  • Wider bed surface and head frame.
  • Locked-on mattress.
  • Foot-end lead handle.


  • Length Max: 79 in.

  • Length Min: 64 in.

  • Loading Height: 34 in.

  • Weight: 92 lbs.

  • Load Limit: 700 lbs.

  • Width: 24 in.

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