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Hydrogel Gauze Dressing Hydrogel Dressing, 1-4in Derma-Gel Hydrogel Wound Dressing
Derma-Gel Hydrogel Wound Dressing
Derma-Gel Hydrogel Wound Dressing
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Hydrogel Wound Dressing

Item# 0008NONDM

The wound dressing helps create a moist wound environment but does not adhere to the surface of the wound bed and will not liquify inthe wound. 4in x 4in, 100/case.


  • Highly absorbent
  • Helps protect the wound from bacteria and fungi
  • Soft, flexible and cushioning cover for bony prominences or abraided skin
8/1/2010 2:08:14 AM
Question: is this product considered a hydrocolloid product or does it fall under another catagory of wound products

This wound dressing is considered a Hydrogel Wound Dressing.

They hydrogel wound dressing simply maintains a moist environment for the wound whereas the hydrocolloid dressings will absorb mild wound exudate or drainage.

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