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Oxymizer Disposable Oxygen-Conserving Device Nasal Cannulas Soft Touch Nasal Adult Cannula Curved Tips 14 ft. Tubing

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Oxymizer Oxygen Pendant

Item# 422PINM

In many ways, the OXYMIZER Disposable Oxygen-Conserving Devices function like standard conservers, because they extend oxygen duration by reducing the flow of oxygen required to saturate a patient. 

Oxymizers do not require electronics, batteries, switches, or flow controls.  During exhalation, a reservoir contained within the facepiece or pendant fills with oxygen and is then delivered to the patient upon inhalation.

  • Savings of two to four times over continuous flow.
  • Conservation without batteries or controls.
  • Use with all oxygen sources.
  • Adequate saturations at higher flows when used in place of a nonrebreather mask.
  • Proven efficacy while sleeping and during exercise.
  • Built-in humidification effect - no need for supplemental humidification.
  • Updated look with softer, small cannula tubing and no ear loops
  • Can be used with pursed-lip breathing for improved oxygen saturations and increased conservation
6/21/2013 4:30:55 PM
Question: what leter per minute can u use mwith this device
Answer: This item may be used at flow rates of up to 12LPM.
12/6/2012 3:06:14 PM
Question: how long do these devices last What all is attached to the device? Can they be covered by medicare and/or tricare?

With proper use and care, this device may last 3-4 weeks.  If the person using the item is ill, you may need to change use more frequently to avoid prolonging the illness.

The item may be available to be covered by insurance, however as MSEC does not bill insurance companies, we do not have any details regarding coverage.  We can provide any proof of purchase or invoices for you to file direct with your insurance provider if necessary.

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