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Reusable Flex Gel Pack, Standard, 5in x 10in, each 10 - 14 in Cold & Hot Packs White Ankle Brace, Mens, X-Large
Small Hot and Cold Pack
Small Hot and Cold Pack
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Small Hot & Cold Comfort pack 6in X 10in


This hot and cold pack is a pain solution for headaches,arm, back, elbow, knee, neck, Shoulder and Wrist


  • Store in freezer until needed
  • Heat in microwave
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable gel
  • Soft, "frost-free" cover

Heating Instructions:

  • Based on initial pack temperature below 75F (24C)
  • Knead after each heating. Microwave ovens vary; use care when heating and removing pack from microwave
  • Overheating pack may cause pack to rupture and/or leak
  • Carefully check the pack with the palm of your hand before applying
  • Discard pack if punctured or broken
  • Heat 30 seconds on high heat, knead, and then continue heating at 10 second intervals until desired temperature is reached
  • Knead after each heating


  • Width: 6in
  • Length: 10in
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