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When Autumn Arrives It's Time To Stock Up On Respiratory Supplies

With the colder, damper weather of fall comes the inevitable flu and cold season, along with a marked increase in the cases of laryngitis, bronchitis and other types of respiratory infections and conditions. Every hospital, clinic and health care facility needs to have a good stock of respiratory supplies to be able to provide immediate relieve and assistance to patients with any of the seasonal types of respiratory problems that start to occur during the late autumn and early winter seasons.


Although respiratory care equipment is essential to all health care facilities, basic respiratory supplies such as breathing bags, breathing tubes, adaptors, connectors and even cleaning supplies are all important as well. Since without these simple respiratory supplies treatment is difficult if not impossible, keeping adequate supplies as well as a good inventory to know when to reorder the basics as well as the very specialized items is a must.


Breathing bags come in a variety of sizes and types, suitable for different patient needs and different types of supported breathing. For those patients or staff with a latex intolerance, neoprene bags offer a latex free option while still provided a high quality bag that will stand up to rigorous use. Breathing tubes, like breathing bags, are also available in different sizes and either latex or latex free options are available.


Respiratory equipment lists and inventories wouldn't be complete without CPAP machines and supplies. Headgear, face masks, elbow adaptors and masks and other supplies for the machines are all important in providing patients with effective respiratory support either at home or in the health care facility. CPAP machines come in a wide variety of styles and with different features, ideal for matching with a patient's needs. Humidifiers that attach on an existing CPAP machine or machines with humidifiers as standard equipment are all important to have on hand. Some CPAP machines have ambient tracking and internal pressure transducers to ensure that a controlled, regulated supply of air is provided to patients during their treatment on the machine.


In addition to these specific features, cleaning and air purifying and cleaning products that help to remove and eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, irritants and contaminants from the air are all an important part of respiratory supplies. Extra HEPA filters or new filters installed in home or hospital air purifying and cleaning systems are also an essential part of getting ready for the winter high flu and cold months ahead. Allergen reducing filters that use electrostatic properties to trap allergens within the filter may also be a great option to recommend to patients for home or business use.


Respiratory supplies need to be checked on a routine basis and inventories of all items such as oxygen cylinders, regulators, tubing and nasal cannulas need to be carefully monitored. Since emergency rooms and community clinics are often the first places for patients to seek care for respiratory problems, having the right respiratory supplies on hand is important for everyone. 


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