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Anesthesia Supplies

Adapters - Tee

Item# 951-PACA
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Adapter- Tee- 1/4" FPT x 1/2"-20 x 1/4".

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Harnesses - Manometers

Item# 672-00ACA
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Harness for Manometers.

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In Circuit Vaporizers

Item# 233-00ACA
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Vaporizer - In Circuit - 22mmM x 22mmF x LuerF Lock w/ Cap - Chrome Brass

in stock Unit: 2/box
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There are many pieces which will be needed to complete an anesthesia machine, such as face masks, CO2 absorbers, and vaporizers. In order for a patient to be properly sedated, the anesthetist must have ample anesthesia supplies on hand in case of failure of his current cache. The functioning of the anesthesia machine is in direct correlation to the quality and availability of the having the right  anesthesia supplies at the ready.


Anesthesia supplies which are either disposable or need to be kept in many different sizes and styles to fit patient’s specific needs. Face masks are a prime example of this. They vary in sizes from 0  for premature infants up to size 6  for very large adults. They are also crafted of different materials and in differing shapes with or without cushions to conform to the patient’s features.


All of the parts and pieces needed on a machine must be regularly checked for flaws. Ideally, this is done whenever the parts are cleaned or sterilized. The manufacturer of the equipment will always outline the best methods of cleaning for their products, and these suggestions should always be followed for the optimal operation of all the anesthesia supplies. Lengthening the life of the anesthesia supplies is ideal, since it will reduce the number of replacements which will have to be purchased. Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep the equipment operating at a prime level for the longest possible time.


When cleaning, plastic, rubber, and neoprene can all be washed with soap and water, then allowed to air dry, but sterilization methods will vary depending upon the materials. Rubber and latex parts lives can be shortened by frequent exposure to the high heat of steaming from an autoclave. If autoclaving latex and neoprene pieces, they should not be sterilized longer than fifteen minutes at 250F. If there is a connector on a rubber mask, it needs to be taken off before it is autoclaved. All types of anesthesia supplies can be sterilized with the ethylene oxide gas method. Plastic anesthesia supplies will melt or warp if they are subjected to high heat autoclaving, and they should only undergo the ethylene oxide method.


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