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The Benefits of Latex Examination Gloves

Powder & Latex Free Aloe Exam Gloves

Powder & Latex Free Aloe Exam Gloves

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Latex examination gloves have a long history of use in many types of medical treatment facilities. They are ideal for this use for several reasons, and despite many new types of gloves that are ont the market today, they are still one of the most popular options. While latex examination gloves do have some drawbacks, they are relatively small, compared to their advantages. The biggest concern for most people is sensitivity to latex. This can be for the medical staff or for the patient. Some are highly allergic to latex, while others just have a mild rash or slight discomfort with prolonged contact with latex in any form. In addition, some latex gloves are powdered and certaini people have an allergy to the powder, which is an industrial type of cornstarch in most cases. This allergic reaction it typically mild, but can occur if the power contacts the skin or if it is inhaled.

The benefits of latex examination gloves are really worth noting if allergies are not a concern. Latex is by far the most durable material for examination gloves, providing a high level of protection when working directly with body fluids or even with chemicals in a laboratory setting. This is one reason why they are commonly used in any type of situation where contamination from body fluids is a concern. While they can be cut with surgical instruments, they are extremely resistant to tearing, ripping, or being punctured and with their tight fit against the hand and finger there is little loose material that is likely to be a problem. Correctly fitted latex gloves are really like a second skin, just with more protection.

Latex examination gloves are designed to provide maximum flexibility and comfort. They are not restrictive or constricting, even when worn for long durations such as in surgical procedures or when working with patients. Since they are sterile, they are ideal for a wide range of use from the operating room to caring for a patient in their own home. Individually wrapped and completely protected by an inner and outer seal for the packaging, these gloves are extremely useful for many types of situations.

There are several different options with latex examination gloves. For example, there is powered, lightly powdered, or powder-free. All three types of latex examination gloves will have the added grip that is required when handling surgical equipment and materials. Also, they are designed to be used in any medical situation. Some professionals find that powdered gloves are easier to put on and remove. However newer, stronger, and lighter latex gloves typically don't require any powder for smooth removal and application.

Latex examination gloves come in sizes from small to extra large. Using a glove that is the correct size for your hand will not only provide a more comfortable fit, but it will also keep the gloves tight to your skin, reducing the chance of accidental damage to the glove. There will also be a more secure fit and a lower chance of spreading contamination. Some companies offer options to powder , such as aloe vera, to provide skin moisturizers and comfort when wearing the gloves. This would be useful for individuals with dry or sensitive skin. 


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