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Air Therapy Natural Lemon Air Freshner Air Fresheners & Room Deodorizers Citrus II Air Freshner - 4 oz
Citrus II Air Freshner - 1.5 oz
Citrus II Air Freshner - 1.5 oz
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Citrus II Air Freshner - 1.5 oz

Item# ZO51-101AEBMM

This deodorizer is the fresh, all-natural way to eliminate tough odors on contact.


  • Odor eliminating air fragrance destroys even the most objectionable odor molecules on contact; transforming a room or entire building into a healthy, fresh-smelling, enjoyable environtment
  • 100% natural; made soley from pure concentrated citrus extracts
  • Can be used safely around asthmatics, respiratory patients & allergy sensitive individuals
  • Non-aerosal, continuous spray container in both
  • 1.5-oz spray can
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