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Elastic Adhesive Tape, 2in x 5 yds
Elastic Adhesive Tape, 2in x 5 yds
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Elastic Adhesive Tape, 2in x 5 yds

Item# H4715J-JMD

This soft cloth tape is designed to provide support and to apply pressure.


  • 2in x 2-1/2 yds, 5 yds stretched
  • Features the strength and elasticity needed for dynamic strapping techniques
  • Constructed of high-twist elastic cotton with a rubber-based adhesive
  • Porous construction lets skin breathe and allows for moisture transmission
  • Low unwind tensions makes it easy to remove from roll, even the last yard
  • Red line down the center provides a guide for even application and pressure
  • Easily conforms to difficult areas and provides strong adhesion; stretches to fit uneven surfaces
  • Adhesive leaves behind minimal residue, and is applied within 1/8" of the edge, leaving the edges dry and feathered
  • Contains latex


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