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Epi-clenz Wall Holder with Drip Tray for 16 oz Foam Liquids & Accessories for Soap Dispensers Optional Drip Tray for Push Dispenser

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Epic-lenz Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer

Item# 240790CSMMD

16 oz Bottle of epi-clenz instant foaming hand sanitizers.


  • Gentle soap enough for regular use
  • This hand soap contains mild cleansers and added emollients with 1% PCMX (parachloro-meta-xylenol)
  • Low-foaming and quick-rinsing
  • The white, pearlescent formula is ideal for use in all departments
  • Designed to be “drip-free”
  • Fragrance free

Note: 16 oz Bottle epi-clenz instant foaming hand sanitizer only. Wall holder not included.

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