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EZ-Bathe Inflatable Wash Tub
EZ-Bathe Inflatable Wash Tub
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EZ-Bathe Inflatable Wash Tub

Item# 0001BCPHINM

80inL x 32in W x 10inD

  • Allows clients to safely enjoy a bath or shower without leaving their bed.
  • Client rolls onto 22-gauge vinyl antimicrobial tub, which is then inflated around them using wet-dry vacuum (included).
  • Double tube design helps prevent splashes and spills.
  • Inside dimensions of inflated tub are 71in L x 31in W x 13-1/2in D (accommodates individuals up to 6ft 2 in.
  • Fits all beds.
  • Hand-held shower connects to a tap up to 25 ft away.
  • Drain hose has on/off capability.
  • Drain hose and vacuum empty tub thoroughly.
  • Garden hose (not included) may be used to extend tubing if desired.
  • 1-year warranty.
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