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Healthmist 4100 Humidifier Humidifiers Prefilled Humidifier Kit

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Heated Humidifier with Ambient Tracking


The temperature control on this unit comes can be adjusted from a cool passover to heated humidification, which results in more comfort and increased patient compliance.
  • The new standard in heated humidification for CPAP therapy includes several new features: Ambient Tracking, DC-AC inverter use capability, and a new case design.
  • Ambient Tracking continuously senses changes in room temperature and alters the heater plate temperature accordingly to minimize condensation and maximize humidity.
  • The patient receives the benefits of heated humidification without the annoying issues related to excess condensation in the tubing.
  • Can be used with a DC-AC inverter, which enables truck drivers, campers or those who live in remote areas to benefit from heated humidification.
  • Can be purchased separately or with FPK900HC105 Humidification Starter Kit. 2.6" x 5.3" x 5.9".
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