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In-Line Gas Evacuator Valves w/1/4 w/ Gas Evacuator Palm Type Valves w/Gas Evacuator

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In-Line Gas Evacuator Valves w/19mm Suction

Item# S-973-00ACA

Evacuator - Gas - In-line - w/ Pop-Off - 15mmM x 15mmF x 19mmM Suction x 1/4" - Non-Conductive (Latex-Free) - Delrin.

Caution: These valves are non-conductive.  Do not use with explosive gases.


  • Delrin.
  • Latex-Free.
  • 15mm male x 15mm female.
  • A Pop-off with a gas evacuator built in- for use in a modified Jackson-Reese set-up.
  • The units take the exhaust gases from the operating room through a simple device - requiring no additional apparatus - fits directly into the tail of the bag and are connected to the hospital suction system.
  • These evacuators have a negative relief feature to prevent the suction from either collapsing the bag or affecting gas flows.
  • For cleaning, gas sterilization is recommended.  Suction tubing 1/4" diameter or larger should be used.  Not to be used with explosive gases.


  • In-line gas evacuation valve with adjustable pop-off
  • Provided with side tube for evacuation which will accommodate 1/4" tubing
  • 19mm suction adapter
  • Additional 1/4" pressure port
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