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Large Telescoping Portable Grab Bar

Item# L005CBBDG

Designed as heavy duty medical devices that are tested and approved by health professionals, the portable grab bars give you the confidence you need to move freely and independently without worry.

Not only is this portable safety bar great for use in the shower and bath at home but because it is portable and will not damage or deface property, it is great for use  during travel, hotel stays, vacations, winter destinations, renters, rehabilitation, anytime a permanent grab bar is not available.


  • Installs and is removable without tools or professional installation
  • Extends from 24"-29"
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Durable Commercial Grade Suction Cups
  • Industry Leading Superior Functionality
  • Contemporary Stylish Design
  • Will not damage or deface property
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Liability Warning:  Activity involving motion or height creates the possibility of accidental injury or death. Before using, know your limitations and the limitations of the equipment. You, the user, assumes all risk.  All merchandise is sold under this condition.  This product is for use on flat and smooth non-porous surfaces.It is not for use on drywall or any other porous surface. Before attaching to approved surface, the user should verify that the surface itself is in good condition (e.g. tile is secured properly to wall). If the surface is worn, loose or in disrepair, the device should not be used on surface under any circumstances. 

3/29/2010 9:38:04 PM
Question: What is the weight limit this barwill support is it as sturdy as abar that is screwed into the an acrylictub - dont want dad falling.Thank you.

The Standard Single Grip Portable Grab Bars (Item #102CBBDG) is tested at 500lbs of pressure, while the Telescoping Grab Bars are only said to withstand half the pressure, so up to 250lbs safely, as the telescoping function decreases this limit.

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