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Black Athletic Shoes for Men
Black Athletic Shoes for Men
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Men's Black Hook & Loop Diabetic Shoes

Item# XM10-892DRZ

These black tennis shoes bring style and comfort to an active lifestyle they can be worn comfortably all day.


  • Extra depth to accommodate a diabetic insole
  • Result is a very comfortable shoe which is easy to put on
  • Helps in the prevention of skin breakdown and other foot problems
  • Ventilation allows for normal body cooling and reduces the hot damp atmosphere which may contribute towards the development of fungus and bacteria
  • Quality and construction make this a lightweight shoe which protects the foot and provides comfort
  • Biomechanical design redistributes the ground reaction forces
  • Shoes meet and exceed the requirements of the therapeutic shoe bill providing an excellent choice in footwear
  • Meet the need for protection and comfort for the at risk foot
  • High quality material provide lasting appearance
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