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One-Hand Breast Pump/Dual Hygienikit w/ Flexishields Breast Pumps One-Hand Manual Breast Pump w/ Flexishield

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One-Hand Breast Pump/Single Hygienikit

Item# 10171INM

One-Hand Breast Pump/Single Hygienikit
Our exclusive patented Hygienikit, compatible with any electric Ameda breast pum, creates one of the most effective milk collection systems available today.  It helps mothers provide the purest milk possible to their babies.  The kit's unique silicon diaphragm acts as a barrier, separating the user from the suction source.  This helps ensure milk purity by preventing contaminants from coming in contract with collected breast milk, and prevents milk back-up so that tubing and pump require little or no maintenance.  The Hygienikit offers mothers the choice of single-or dual-pumping.  It also converts easily to manual pumping with the One-Hand Breast Pump.
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