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Remedy Calazime Protectant Paste 4 oz. Topical Antifungal Creams Remedy Dimethicone Barrier Cream 4 oz.

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Remedy Calazime Protectant Paste 4 oz. Single

Item# H445490CSMMD

Remedy Calazime protectant paste provides protection aqgainst moisture and irritation
  • This doctor formulated, scientifically proven paste works wonders for relieving the discomfort associated with macerated skin conditions.
  • Complete with two active ingredients: menthol, an analgesic, cools irritated tissue and zinc oxide provides a protective barrier.
  • It also absorbs light exudate from compromised skin for optimum relief and comfort.
  • Easy to apply, Calazime™ features rich emollients (cold-pressed sunflower seed oil and olive oil) and the highest grade of U.S.P. white petrolatum to help prevent pores from clogging.
  • And because it is thicker than other skin pastes, you use less and save money.
  • Active ingredients: zinc oxide (20%); menthol (0.40%).
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