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Accu-Chek Compact 3 Test Drums Strips Acc-Chek Test Strips Accu-Check Compact Care Blood Glucose Meter Kit

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Test Strips for Blood Glucose Monitoring System Complete Kit

Item# EM003SGINM

These test strip applies patented precious metal Noble Gold electrodes which have excellent conductivity and catalytic effect. It is an excellent electro-transmission medium, and laboratory-grade electrode made cost efficiently and affordable for disposable test strips


  • These test strips were designed specifically for easy handling and increased durability.
  • The exclusive blade handle design makes the strips easier to handle.
  • Also the safety design prevents the blood sample from contamination.
  • No blood will get on your hands or the meter.
  • These test strips are ideal for diabetics who suffer from arthritis, obesity, lost movement from a stroke, or any other paralysis because they are larger and much easier to handle than any other test strip and even have a grip on the side of the strip that is not used for testing. 
  • The plastic material is much stronger than any of the paper or Mylar strips that all other meters use. 
  • 50 per box

Compatiable with our Portable Blood Glucose Monitoring System Complete Kit.

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