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Throat Irrigator Tip

Item# 1020-71GEN

Fresh breath and sore throat relief with Pulsatile irrigation.(Code:1250)


Pulsatile irrigation of the throat removes bacteria from the throat and increases circulation to the throat, making more white blood cells, the body''''s natural defense against invading contaigons, available at the throat. This safe, simple, drugless method is an important alternative at a time when the effectiveness of drugs is diminished by the rapid appearance of drug-resistant diseases. This can be accomplished nicely by using pulsating irrigation to the throat, with the throat Irrigator Tip. Pulsating irrigation is 100 times more effective than simple rinsing. By crow-barring out the bacteria, the body has its best chance of overcoming infection without antibiotics. The unique triple edge action of the tongue cleaner element effectively removes and rinses away bacteria and food particles from the back of the tongue other products can not reach or effectively remove


For use with Water Pik models WP60,WP70,WP72,WP90 &SR400; Interplak models INT WJ7,INT WJ8,INT WJ6 and Sinus Plus model SP100 & 17-0210.

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