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Ultrasorb AP Premium Disposable DryPad Disposable & Reusable Underpads Ultrasorb AP Premium Disposable DryPad

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Ultrasorb AP Premium Disposable DryPad


Air-Permeable, moisture-proof backsheet provides superior skin dryness and comfort. Advanced thermo-bonded SuperCore wicks moisture away from the skin and locks fluid away for increased patient dignity and better skin care. 


  • 31 inches X 36 inches
  • Open-airing incontinence management
  • ICU/CCU patients who should not be disrupted/moved more than necessary
  • ER for absorbing significant/ongoing fluid loss, labor and delivery, OR use, any other area where skin dryness is needed
  • Super absorbent - one Ultrasorbs AP equals the absorbency of three or more traditional underpads
  • Exceptional odor control
  • High-strength pad and film provide exceptional resistance to tearing and resulting linen changes
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