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Shower Benches are Useful for Boundless Applications

Pontoon Type Bedpan

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Universal Raised Toilet Seat

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Universal Raised Toilet Seat 3in - 6in

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Mauve, Valu-Pak

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In both home healthcare and professional healthcare environments, shower benches are critical items to have for a variety of reasons.  For people going through rehabilitation, physical therapy, and other therapeutic measures, shower benches will not only assist them during hygienic procedures but will also assist their caregivers.  No matter the age of the patient, shower benches help people who have temporary or permanent balance and mobility concerns.  In order to provide the necessary stability and security in the shower, bath tub, or in the bathroom period, shower benches are important to have.  Shower transfer benches may also be vital pieces of equipment for pre-operation and post-operation patients.  The potential applications of shower benches are nearly boundless and it doesn’t take an expert on medical equipment or physical rehabilitation to see the wide range of purposes these shower benches can serve.  If you, a loved one, or a patient has mobility concerns, it is simply critical to have a shower bench available. 

Though the benches serve similar purposes, benches do come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials.  Many of the models featured in the on-line catalog are adjustable and designed to fit most space requirements without presenting a cumbersome obstacle in the shower, tub, or bathroom.  However, the various models featured do differ according to their weight capacities.  This is very important.  Be sure to evaluate your needs in this area as this is one of the major aspects to consider before you purchase one model over another.  Every bench or shower chair should be light, durable, highly portable, and designed with heavy duty construction to withstand long term use.

If you’ve been considering purchasing a shower bench for yourself, or to assist a loved one or a patient, it will be beneficial to consider other mobility and balance concerns you or they may have.  It is important to remember mobility problems don’t simply exist in the shower or bathroom.  There is a wide variety of mobility products that will provide increased independence and a better quality of life in the home and in public. 


Once you have evaluated the specifications of your shower chair benches and accounted for other problems that make independent mobility difficult, making a well informed purchase won’t be difficult.  If you need further assistance with evaluating the different benefits that these benches and mobility products, you should contact the customer service department.  Once you’ve browsed the on line catalog, you shouldn't hesitate to call and you’ll be provided with all the details you need to ensure a secure purchase.  Whatever specifications you may have for shower benches, you should look for specific units to meet your needs.