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UV Air Purifiers For Mold Remediation

54 CFM Room Air Sanitizer

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Air Duct Disinfection System

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326 CFM Room Air Sanitizer

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Mold and mold spores are some of the most difficult contaminants to get rid of in any type of environment. UV air purifiers are now available that can safely and effectively rid the air and surface areas of molds, preventing allergies and respiratory problems within any room, building or facility. An air purifier with UV lights is safe, highly effective and is also portable or centrally located in the air conditioning coils, which is a great option in all types of buildings and facilities.


The main types of facilities that use an ultraviolet air purifier to clean the air and sterilize the environment include hospitals and medical facilities. Mold, however, can be found in almost any type of building so the use of UV air purifiers has really increased over the last few years. School locker rooms, veterinary clinics, commercial kitchens, detention facilities, hotel rooms, shelters and even private gym facilities and public pools are including regular mold remediation in their efforts to keep the facility a healthy place.


The use of an ultraviolet air purifier for mold remediation in any type of building or facility has other benefits as well. In addition to removing mold spores and mold from the room or facility, the UV air purifiers also remove other allergens and irritants. This is particularly important in areas when and where outbreaks of viruses such as the H1N1 flu and other types of possible airborne diseases occur. Regular treatment of the air with UV air purifiers reduces concerns with all contaminants, regardless of the location.


Mold is particularly troublesome because of the serious health risks associated with the spores. Outdoor air in some locations, especially in the warmer, humid areas of the country can reach levels of thousands of mold spores per cubic foot of air. Indoor air typically has much higher levels of mold spores, regardless of the age of the building.


When there are mold colonies present, some which are impossible to see or detect without specialized equipment, the actual mold levels in indoor air can be several times higher than outdoor air. The vast majority of the common sized mold spores are between 2 and 20 microns in size, so tiny as to be completely invisible to the human eye.


UV air purifiers are able to dramatically decrease the mold spores in the air and therefore also prevent the spread of the mold spores producing more colonies. An air purifier with UV lights does double duty, filtering the spores through a HEPA filter as well as directly killing the airborne mold spores. The HEPA filter in the ultraviolet air purifier can remove particles of up to 0.3 microns, plus the Teflon coated UVC lamps literally kill the DNA in the mold spores, preventing them from being able to propagate new colonies, regardless of the conditions for growth.


Using a UV air purifier in a locker room, hospital or any type of business, or facility will allow the regular removal of mold spores. Typically most types of molds, including Aspergillis niger, Penicillium italicum and Cladosporium can be removed in just three hours, making the process both fast and efficient.