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Hospital Room Lighting

Providing different types of hospital bed lighting for patients is one way to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible during the hospital stay. While general room lighting may always be one during waking hours, giving the patient the option to adjust for their own personal preference for light is always a good option. Patients can increase the light to read, when visiting with friends and family or to work on their computer or write a letter. They can also choose to dim the light or shut it off completely to watch television, rest or to nap or sleep.


While overhead lighting that can be adjusted to specific light intensity is important, there is also the need for specialized hospital bed lighting in treatment areas. This light may need to be direct and indirect, which allows for both brighter and dimmer lighting options. The indirect light in these types of fixtures shines upwards, providing a gentle light for overall vision in the room. The direct light, which shines down onto the patient bed or examination table or area is more focused, providing an excellent light source for nurses, doctors and medical staff. It is also an effective reading or working light for the patient to use.