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Airborne Allergy Care Starts With Effective Allergen Elimination

Mobile Hepa Filter Dust Contaminant Filtration System

Mobile Hepa Filter Dust Contaminant Filtration System

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Allergies are one of life's little challenges that most people believe they have to deal with on an ongoing basis. Up until fairly recently there were several ways to treat or minimize the symptoms, but very little that could be done by actually addressing the root cause of allergy symptoms. Airborne allergy care needs to start with removing potential allergens, the things that cause allergic reactions, from the air before they are inhaled and start to cause problems.


It is estimated that about 35.9 million people in the United States suffer from allergies, which is an amazing 11 percent of the total population. In addition to this over 10 million more also have asthma, with allergies and sensitivity to allergens often triggering the much more significant respiratory issues associated with asthma. Overall people exposed to environmental pollutants and those living in urban settings tend to have higher rates of both airborne allergies as well as asthma. Cleaning up the air with air purifiers and cleaners is essential in airborne allergy care, and this type of technology is now available for commercial, medical and residential use.


Air purifiers and cleaners have really changed with increasing advancements in technology. New filters, specifically HEPA filters, are able to remove small particles of as small as 0.3 micrometers in size. A HEPA filter, which stands for high efficiency particulate air filters, are safe to use in all situations and are required to remove 99.97% of these tiny airborne contaminants. This typically includes most types of airborne bacteria, viruses and molds, dust mites and dirt, often the biggest causes of allergic reactions for most people. Fans push the air through the filter, resulting in cleaner air as the purifying and cleaning system is used.


Cleaning the air using HEPA filters is a good idea, however it does not ensure that all the possible allergens and contaminants in the air are removed. A more efficient option is to combine the filtering aspects of the HEPA system with specialized types of UV light that actually destroys the DNA of contaminants, viruses, molds and other types of organic matter. UV light actually breaks down the outer protective shell of these types of organisms and then neutralizes the DNA, ensuring the microorganism cannot reproduce or live.


HEPA filtering combined with UV light exposure results in air purifiers and cleaners that are up to 99.995% deadly to allergens and other types of potential contaminants in the environment. Airborne allergy care is highly effective with these systems since not only do they remove the problem particles but they also destroy them by exposure to the UV light. These systems are very safe for use in any type of building since the UV system is contained within the air purifier and cleaner, well away from any human exposure.


Another option for both residential and any type of commercial property is to have UV air purifiers and cleaners mounted within the cooling coils of air conditioning units. These coils, which are damp, dark and away from the light are ideal spots for bacteria, molds and viruses to grow and thrive. By using UV lights in the coil area the colonies are destroyed and the air circulating through the building is clean and allergen free. Airborne allergy care using these types of air treatment options is very effective and well worth the investment for health and peace of mind.


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