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Allefree Nasal & Respiratory Care

Mobile Hepa Filter Dust Contaminant Filtration System

Mobile Hepa Filter Dust Contaminant Filtration System

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Allefree Plus Nasal & Respiratory Care.


Allefree cleans the body’s primary air treatment system, the nasal tissues. Allefree atomizes saline solution (salt water) into ~0.5 micron “micro droplets”. The droplets are so tiny, they are immediately absorbed into the nasal tissues and assist the body’s own natural cleansing process. With it’s powerful but gentle “Reverse Vacuum Pump”, Allefree delivers the micro mist deep into the nasal cavity, where it re-moisturizes and re-vitalizes the overworked and overloaded tissue. The “cleansing” action repays itself in an almost unbelievable way. By using Allefree twice a day, it is possible to be free from mind numbing antihistamines, torturous sinus headaches and bothersome runny noses. Other nasal issues such as frequent nosebleeds, snoring and headaches are also eliminated or dramatically reduced.


Complete Nasal Care:


  • Recommended by ENT doctors
  • World's first R.V.P. Technology
  • The best device to irrigate nasal passageways
  • The most effective nasal cleansing
  • Gentle spray power allows micro-mist to reach deep into nasal passages
  • Clears nasal passages to help babies 
    eat and sleep easily. 
  • Especially safe for babies & pregnant women
  • Cordless and portable
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Affordable


Spraying Mode:


  • Powerful spraying system delivers micro-mist of saline solution deep into nasal passages without pain
  • Restore natural elements
  • Moisturize dry nasal membranes and improve mucociliary function
  • Treatment fro sinus diseases, postnasal drip, chronic sinusitis, recurrent sore throats, excessive thick mucus, snoring , allergy, etc
  • Droplet size in spray is 0.68 microns

Aspirator Mode:


  • Optimum design allows aspiration to start immediately when the suction tip reaches mucus
  • Eliminate nasal secretions and mucus with superior aspiration power
  • Effective for babies who are unable to blow their nose by themselves




  1. Pour saline or doctor prescribed solution into sprayer reservoir.
    Screw reservoir onto spray nozzle.
  2. Attach spray assembly to main unit. Insert spray tip about 1/4" into nose.
    Press "on" button. 
  3. Spray will begin immediately press and hold the silver button. Spray for approximately 15 seconds per side; blow out moisture into a tissue. Repeat several times.
  4. After each use be sure to run for 30 seconds. This will blow out any remaining solution and help keep unit from clogging




  1. Place one rubber aspirator tool tip onto end of aspirator nozzle.
    Attach aspirator assembly to main unit.
  2. Press the "on" button. Carefully insert tip 1/4" into nose to remove mucus.
    Be careful not to insert tip too far.


Allefree is especially beneficial when used with Breathe-ease moisturizing spray and irrigation solution.