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Blood Drawing Chair
Blood Drawing Chair
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Blood Drawing Chair w/ Drawer

Item# 00702BRT

The blood drawing chair provides a comfortable, efficient means of collecting blood from ambulartory patients.


  • Two full length, height adjustable armrests support the arm in the optimum position for venipuncture
  • Prevent back bending of the elbow and subsequent flattening of the vein
  • Armrest are interchangeable, left to right
  • The drawer may be placed at either side of the chair and the movable portion angled to either side
  • Gray, powder coated steel frame and black, one piece polypropylene seat are designed for maintenance free service
  • Models supplied with our hydraulic life mechanism are adjustable in height, revolve 360 degree
  • The combined features of arm and height adjustability eliminate back strain for the technician


  • Overall width:  37 1/2"
  • Overall depth:  19 1/2"
  • Seat width:  17"

Manufacturer warranty:  1 yr

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