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Fume Hood Filter For Acids Laboratory Fume Hoods Ductless Fume Hood
Ductless Fume Hood
Ductless Fume Hood
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Ductless Fume Hood

Item# 1-3433LBC

Face velocity of 100 fpm ensures containment of fumes and particulates for operator protection.


  • Ductless fume hoods are efficient and economical, but provide many features found in the more expensive systems
  • Provides the operator safety where routine work is being carried out
  • Typical applications include histology, powder weighing and sampling prep work
  • Lightweight and completely portable units feature the following: low airflow alarm, 100 f/m face velocity, self-securing hinged door panels, whisper quiet 
  • Chemical resistant epoxy coated steel superstructure for unsurpassed strength in case of accidental fire, earthquake, or knocks and bumps
  • Units operate at low noise levels and because they recirculate, they do not exhaust expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere
  • Compact bench mounted unit that can be used for small amounts of chemicals
  • An alarm will alert the operator when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level
  • The rear of the unit has lighting to illuminate the work surface
  • All mechanisms in the head section are on the clean side of the filter, with the switches and electrical components being isolated from any contamination
  • The patented filter clamping mechanism allows for the filter to be easily installed and ensures an even seal at the filter face at all times to prevent bypass leakage
  • Unit includes an electrostatic pre-filter to which optional filters may be added for specific applications (optional / additional filters sold separately)


  • Ductles airflow(CFM) – 117
  • Face velocity(FPM) – 100
  • Lighting – 18 watts main filter weight – 11 lb
  • HEPA – optional
  • Noise levels - <55dBA
  • External dimensions – 24in x 26in x 31.5in
  • Internal dimensions – 22.8in x 24in x 19.5in
  • Working height – 19.5in
  • Working base area – 22.8in x 24in

Manufacturer warranty: two years

Fume Hood Filter Fume Hood Filter
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11 lb carbon filter for solvents, alcohol and organic fume removal.

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11 lb carbon filter for acids.

Fume Hood Filter - Particulate Fume Hood Filter - Particulate
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11 lb carbon filter for acids.

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Independently tested to have a 99.9% filtration efficiency for chemicals normally found in a typical chemistry curriculum.

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