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Educational Stereo Microscope School & Laboratory Microscopes Fluorescent Microscope 3 Objective

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Educational Stereo Microscope w/ Revolving Turret

Item# 0021214LBM

This stereo microscope designed for rugged environment. Optimal imaging, color and clarity is provided through a fully enclosed optical system, which produces erect 3D images. Examination of opaque as well as transparent specimens is made possible through top (reflected) as well as bottom (transmitted) illumination system.


  • Dual light stable stand with focusing knobs.
  • Binocular Observation head inclined at 45°, Inter-pupillary distance 54mm-74mm
  • Focusable WF 10x(FN 18mm). Optional WF 10x (FN22), WF 16x (FN16mm), WF 20x (FN12mm) with fixed or focusable movement.
  • 2x-4x objectives revolving on turret mount with quick indexing.
  • Provided with built in illumination both for incident light(12V-20W Halogen) and sub-stage transmitted light(12V-10W). Both the lights can be used individually or simultaneously.

Manufacturer warranty: 5 yr parts & 1 yr electrical

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