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Fluorescence Attachment Option

Item# 0011217LBM

Fluorescence attachment option are specially designed for the bio science microscopes.


  • Fluorescence attachment, detachable,
  • Fluorescent illuminator: fluorescent lighting method- reflected fluorescent lighting based on slide switching of dichroic mirror cubes
  • Intermediate tube magnification: 1x
  • Shutter: switchable using filter slider
  • Excitation protective shield: fixed on condenser with a screw
  • Up/down lamp centering
  • Left/right mirror centering
  • Lamp focusing: collector focusing, mirror focus, screw system
  • Safety mechanism: interlock switch, UV cut filter built in
  • High pressure mercury bulb: HBO 50W/AC
  • Auto ignition
  • Hour counter: display accumulated hours of operation

Observation modes:

B- Excitation Block:

  • Excitation: 450-480nm
  • Barrier: 515nm
  • Dichroic: 500nm

G-Excitation Block:

  • Excitation: 510-550nm
  • Barrier: 590nm
  • Dichroic: 570nm


This option is available for the following microscopes:

Binocular Compound Bio Science Microscope

Trinocular Compound Bio Science Microscope

Binocular Compound Bio Science Microscope w/ Ergonomic Obj Head  

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