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Scanning UV Spectrophotometer w/Built-in Printer UV Vis Spectrophotometers Visible UV Spectrophotometer 1.8nm
Split Beam Spectrophotometer
Split Beam Spectrophotometer
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Split Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer

Item# 2083QSUCO

This is 1.8nm split beam spectrophotometer provides excellent performance for measurements in the range of 190nm to 1100nm. The second detector is simultaneously monitoring the system stability to optimize measurement accuracy.


  • Dynamic range of 190-1000 nm
  • The large angled LCD screen with viewing contrast adjustments
  • Easy operation
  • Auto zero function
  • Flexible sample compartment
  • Solid state detector for entire wavelength range
  • Built-in filters to ease operation
  • The large sample compartment accommodates a wide range of cell holders and accessories including peristaltic sipper and peltier system
  • Optional PC download software and PC Windows application software make this a versatile instrument


  • Wavelength range: 190 - 1100 nm
  • Spectral bandwidth: 1.8 nm
  • Monochromator: single beam littrow type, grating 1200 lines/mm
  • Wavelength accuracy:  ±0.3 nm 
  • Wavelength repeatability: ±0.2 nm
  • Wavelength calibration: automatic at start
  • Light source: tungsten halogen/deuterium lamp
  • Detector: solid silicon photodiode
  • Photometric readout: 1/4 VGA 320X240 pixels backlit LCD
  • Photometric range: 0 - 200%T -0.3 - 3.0A 0 - 9999C 
  • Photometric accuracy: ±0.3%T
  • Zero drift: < 0.002A per hour after warm-up
  • Baseline flatness: ±0.004A
  • Stability: 0.002A/h at 500 nm 
  • Stray light: < 0.15%T
  • Scanning speed: high, med., low. max. 1000 nm/min
  • Standard sample holder: 4-position cell holder
  • Analogue/digital output: digital, RS232 serial, centronics parallel
  • Dimensions: 620(L) x 400(W) x 280(H) mm
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Shipping dimensions: 720(L) x 525(W) x 280(H) mm
  • Shipping weight: 59 lbs
  • Operating temperature: room temperature: 22 ±2°C
  • Humidity range: less than 85%

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

Voltage Preview
Peltier/Sipper System Peltier/Sipper System
(sold seperately)

This peltier/sipper system for single cell flow thru and continuous temperature control from 15 to 40C with and X-y adjustable mechanism that is used to align cell with optical beam for micro cell flow setup. The package includes peltier/sipper controller with peristaltic pump and thermoelectrically temperature control cell holder with panel.

Note: Requires flow cell and proper tubing to complete flow-thru setup.

Advanced Application Software for PC's Advanced Application Software for PC's
(sold seperately)

This is an appplication software for PCs, for spectrophotometers.

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