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Unknown Powder - Crime Scene Kit
Unknown Powder - Crime Scene Kit
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Unknown Powder - Crime Scene Kit


Students perform simulated drug tests, urine, finger print and handwriting analysis in order to identify the distributor of the drugs in the school.

Materials Included in Kit:

  • Newspaper report of the recent seizure of evidence from the school
  • Samples of powders from the suspects to be tested for TylorineR
  • Six (6) samples of white powder from CS and (1) from manufacturer
  • Rap sheets of the suspect linked to questionable material
  • Samples of urine from the suspects
  • Pages of writing from student notebooks, principal’s note pad etc.
  • Writing samples in book
  • Sample of writing from labels on the bags containing powders
  • Writing sample in manual
  • Finger print samples from suspects and one on plastic bag in printed manual
  • Samples of paper money from the suspects wallet or purse
  • Isopropyl alcohol for chromatography
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