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Urine and Saliva Screen
Urine and Saliva Screen
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Urine and Saliva Screen

Item# 051YN74SDJPC

This is a semi-quantitative test for accurate measurement of nicotine and tobacco consumption.


  • Rapid semi-quantitative screen for tobacco exposure levels
  • Test results in 20 minutes for saliva
  • Test results in 10 minutes for urine
  • Cotinine, with a half-life of 10-40 hours, has been shown to be more sensitive and specific than CO monitoring for measuring smoking status
  • Detects first and second-hand smoke
  • Identifies 6 levels of tobacco exposure

Importance for Healthcare Professionals:

  • Identifies which patients are smoking
  • Detects second-hand smoke exposure
  • Measures level of nicotine dependency in smokers
  • Assists patients in quitting
  • Identifies smokers who relapse

Smoking cessation programs:

  • Readily demonstrates biological effect to the smoker
  • Shows the effect on others via second-hand smoke
  • Provides immediate feedback to doctor and patient
  • Provides a measure for smokers trying to quit
  • Provides a tool to initiate patient counseling
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