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Visible Spectrophotometer Visible Spectrophotometers 10 nm Spectrophotometer
Visible Spectrophotometer w/ 4 Position
Visible Spectrophotometer w/ 4 Position
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Visible Spectrophotometer w/ 4 Position Cell Holders

Item# 1021-SUCO

This quality spectrophotometer with dynamic wavelength range of 335 - 1000 nm is simple, reliable, and economical. Comes with 4-position cell holder for 10 mm square cuvettes, a pair of glass cuvettes, dust cover and user manual.


  • Dynamic range of 335-1000 nm
  • Digital display of photometric result
  • USB and RS-232C ports
  • Automatic zeroing and blanking with single button
  • Quick and easy bulb change with no tool or allignment requirement
  • The large sample compartment can accept cuvts up to 50mm path length
  • Easy data transfer to PC software or Excel
  • High quility photodiod detector
  • Auto zero function
  • Easy operation
  • Flexible sample compartment
  • Solid state detector for entire wavelength range
  • Built-in filters to ease operation


  • Bandpass: 5 nm
  • Monochromator: single beam, grating system 1200 lines/mm
  • Wavelength range: 335-1000 nm
  • Wavelength accuracy: ±2 nm
  • Wavelength repeatability: ±1 nm 
  • Stray light: < 0.5%T at 340 & 400 nm
  • Photometric range: 0-125%T  0-2A 0-1999C (0-1999F)
  • Photometric accuracy: ± 1.0T% 
  • Data output: RS232C
  • Application: software unico SS-1.22
  • Light source: tungsten halogen lamp
  • Power requirements: 110V/50Hz, 230V/60Hz switchable
  • Cuvet holder: V-type tube holder
  • Size: 16.1in x 12.1in x 7.1in
  • Shipping size: 19.5in x 16.1in x 11.3in
  • Weight: 14.3 lbs
  • Shipping weight: 22 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

Voltage Preview
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Longpath four-position cell holder for up to 50mm rectangular cuvettes. Accessory for 0021-SUCO, 1021-SUCO, and 5021-SUCO spectrophotometers.


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