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Visible UV Spectrophotometer Variable nm
Visible UV Spectrophotometer Variable nm
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Visible UV Spectrophotometer Variable slits

Item# S2082QSUCO

This visible UV spectrophotometer with variable slits is user-friendly and specially designed for the rigorous, day-to-day demands of todays laboratory. It is complete with 4-position cell holder, 4 optical glass cuvettes, 2 quartz cuvettes, user manual and dust cover.


  • Dynamic range of 190-1000 nm
  • LCD screen
  • Digital display of photometric result
  • Easy operation
  • Auto zero function
  • Flexible sample compartment
  • Solid state detector for entire wavelength range
  • Built-in filters to ease operation
  • All instrumets provide excellent performance and flexibility for your applications
  • The large sample compartment (100mm) accomodates a wide range of cell holders and accessories including peristaltic sipper and peltier system


  • Wavelength range: 190 - 1100 nm
  • Slit width: 1, 1.8, 4 nm
  • Monochromator: single beam littrow type, grating 1200 lines/mm
  • Wavelength accuracy:  ±0.3 nm 
  • Wavelength repeatability: ±0.2 nm
  • Wavelength calibration: automatic at start
  • Light source: tungsten halogen/deuterium lamp
  • Detector: solid silicon photodiode
  • Photometric readout: 1/4 VGA 320X240 pixels backlit LCD
  • Photometric range: 0 - 200%T -0.3 - 3.0A 0 - 9999C 
  • Photometric accuracy: ±0.3%T
  • Zero drift: < 0.002A per hour after warm-up
  • Baseline flatness: ±0.004A
  • Stability: 0.002A/h at 500 nm 
  • Stray light: < 0.15%T
  • Scanning speed: high, med., low. max. 1000 nm/min
  • Standard sample holder: 4-position cell holder
  • Analogue/digital output: digital, RS232 serial, centronics parallel
  • Dimensions:  24.5in x 15.7in x 11in
  • Weight: 48 lbs
  • Shipping dimensions: 28.5in x 20in x 14.5in
  • Shipping weight: 57 lbs
  • Operating temperature: room temperature: 22 ±2°C
  • Humidity range: less than 85%

Manufacturer warranty: 1 year

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