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Infection Control

Bid Goodbye to Airborne Diseases with UV Disinfection Systems

Hospitals or medical centers need to invest in a good UV disinfection system that can help combat the microbial contaminations that are present in water. The microbes get exposed to the powerful UV-C light and the water gets disinfected. These systems have various applications and are used in homes or in hospitals and small clinics. 

UV sanitizers play an important role in hospitals or doctor’s offices in disease prevention. Some of the UV disinfection systems available are:

Commercial UV Water Treatment Units: These are ideal for large commercial establishments as some of the models can purify 20 gallons to 160 gallons in a minute. Medical facilities can choose the treatment unit based on their requirement.

Portable UV Disinfection Units: The portable units are light in weight and help deactivate various kinds of bacteria or viruses. One can choose from handheld models or the portable room UV sanitizers.

UV Room Air Sanitizers: UV sanitizers are not limited to disinfecting water, but they can also be used to purify the air. The UV air sanitizers help disinfect the rooms by providing adequate germicidal ultraviolet exposure for air disinfection in occupied areas.  These units need to be purchased on the room size. Choose from Wall Mount UV Air Purifiers, Air Duct Disinfection Systems or the CFM Room Air Sanitizer.

Any hospital or facility that makes use of a UV disinfection systems also require UV accessories and the same can be obtained at the most affordable prices. Some of the accessories that are readily available are water filters, safety sensors, flow control valves, and wall mounting kits.