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Adjustable Knee Strap

Item# 461TUFMM

Adjustable Knee Strap

  • Neoprene blend strap with adjustable Hook-N-Loop tab for custom fit
  • Provides gentle, adjustable pressure and support t tendon below knee
  • Strap facilitates proper patellar trackig and uniformly spreads pressure around the knee to provide relief from kneecap discomfort
  • Lightweight, soft material provides comfortable support
7/5/2010 9:39:24 PM
Question: where do i wear the knee strap for Oshgood Slawgers diseasethksbrenda

What type of knee support might help?

There are a number of different supports and braces on the market that may help with Osgood Schlatters disease.

A simple neoprene support will provide compression and support to the knee in general and retain the bodies natural heat. A warm tendon will work much better than a cold one.

A patella tendon strap wraps around just below the knee, to put direct pressure on the patella tendon to help reduce the strain on the tibial tuberosity.

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