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Air-Core Adjustable Fiber Support Pillow
Air-Core Adjustable Fiber Support Pillow
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Air-Core Adjustable Fiber Support Pillow

Item# 884ROCMM

Air-Core Adjustable Fiber Support Pillow
  • Reduces or eliminates the time needed to adjust to a cervical pillow
  • The second lobe provides traditional fiber spport
  • Filled with premier, Fortel Bactishield antomicrobial fiber
  • Give yourself the support you need with a simple squeeze of the pump
  • 24" x 16"
12/9/2009 11:09:19 AM
Question: I find that standard cervical pillows become soft in the support area i need. This one seems like a good idea. I could pump it up as it ages. How long will this pillow last?
Answer:  These pillows are said by the manufacturer, Core Products, to be in their prime up to two years.  There have been instances however, where a person has kept the same pillow in great condition for up to five years.
7/22/2009 11:00:38 AM
Question: My husband sustained a C2 fracture in his neck and is currently in a cervical neck brace. Would this pillow allow him the comfort he needs to sleep better?

Given the nature of the injury sustained by your husband, a cervical support pillow is vey advisable.  However, when selecting these pillows certain criteria such as height, weight, age and preferred sleeping position must also be taken into account.  If you would like to contact us with this information, then we would be happy to offer you some suggestions on Cervical & Neck Pillows.

1/14/2009 8:53:25 PM
Question: HOW compact is this pillow for packing in a suitcase? Does it defalte to what approximate size?
Answer: Air-Core Adjustable Fiber Support Pillow item# 884ROCMM can be collapsed to approxiumately less than half of the inflated size.  The inflated size of the pillow is 24 x16 in
1/6/2009 7:31:31 PM
Question: I recently saw a neurologist who told be I have a pinched C6 cervical vertebrae. She suggested that I purchase a cervical pillow. There are so many pillows out there. Do you have any suggestions. I am mainly a side sleeper. Thanks

You may wish to consider the following pillows.  Please keep in mind that cervical pillows may need to be broken-in for a few days before you are able to enjoy comfortable nights sleep.

Also, please browse through the following category: Cervical & Neck Pillows.

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