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Automatic Moist Heat Pack Heating Pads & Packs Cervical Moist Heat Thermal Hot Pack

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Automatic Moist Heat Pack - Standard, 14 x 27in

Item# 550LTBISG

Thermophor Automatic Moist Heat Pack - Standard, 14in x 27in
  • NO WATER NEEDED. PRODUCES ITS OWN MOISTURE!The Thermophore Hot Pack produces moist heat automatically.
  • Moisture is drawn from humidity in the air and retained in the outer flannel cover.
  • The hot pack produces moisture for 20-30 minutes; after that time, the flannel begins to dry out and the unit should be set aside to regain moisture from the air.
  • The body should be allowed to return to normal temperature and another treatment can be taken in 1-1/2 to 2 hours.
  • Use your hot pack at the first sign of muscle spasm or joint pain. 
  • The treatment is especially useful to help temporarily relieve pain caused by muscle spasm or inflammation.
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