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Compact Weight Rack
Compact Weight Rack
Compact Weight Rack Compact Weight Rack
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Compact Weight Rack

Item# 2955HSM

This compact weight rack is designed with a black laminate finish.


  • Pegboard with 11 hooks for optional weights
  • Built-in dispensers for optional 5 bands
  • Hooks to hold 20 optional dumbbells
  • Storage compartment for optional weight bars
  • Laminate shelves with 3 plastic storage tubs
  • Base plate has T-molding
  • Four 3in diameter swiveling casters
  • Rack is not accessorized
  • Please see accessories tab to view accessories individually
  • Please click here for accessorized rack


  • Dimensions: 32in W x 24in D x 68in H
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Manufacturer warranty: 3 years

Set of 10 Dumbbells Set of 10 Dumbbells
(sold seperately)

This set consists of (1) each 1 lb through 10 lbs dumbbells.

Set of 5 Exercise Weight Bars Set of 5 Exercise Weight Bars
(sold seperately)

These exercise bars consist of  a series of 1 to 5 lb easy-to-grip color-coded 36in long weighted bars.

Set of 5 Exercise Bands Set of 5 Exercise Bands
(sold seperately)

These exercise bands have various levels of resistance.

Soft-Ball Hand Weights Soft-Ball Hand Weights
(sold seperately)

This set of 6 soft-ball weights consists of, one each: 1.1 lbs, 2.2 lbs, 3.3 lbs, 4.4 lbs, 5.5 lbs, and 6.6 lbs


Set of 16 Weights Set of 16 Weights
(sold seperately)

This set of wrist and ankle weights is designed with an extra long 17in strap with hook and loop fasteners that allows you to double-strap weight in place for added security.

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