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ChiroFlow Water Based Pillow Cervical Pillows Core Cervical Roll 20in x 3.5in
Cervical Pillow
Cervical Pillow
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Convoluted Cervical Pillow

Item# 301LDBMM

This pillow reduces neck discomfort during sleep.



  • The popular dual roll design allows your head to relax comfortably in a center depression with the gentle, effective support of the smaller or larger outer roll
  • By helping the neck maintain its natural curvature, the pillow provides soothing therapeutic support
  • The convoluted top surface allows maximum air circulation as well
  • Also brings added comfort to your favorite easy chair, sofa or car
  • Popular, professional design offering two levels of support
  • Provides relaxing therapeutic comfort by maintaining the neck's natural curvature
  • Convoluted surface provides ultimate comfort while allowing maximum air circulation
  • Covered in a washable poly/cotton zippered pillow case
  • Relaxing comfort in bed, favorite easy chair, and car


  • 21.5in x 15in x 4.5in
3/11/2009 6:48:44 PM
Question: I have a cervical fusion. Would this pillow still support my neck since I am a side sleeper?
Answer: Convoluted Cervical Pillow, 301LDBMM is certainly an option, but if you are looking for a more restfull sleep, you may wish to consider one of the following cervical pillows:
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