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CorFit System 7000 - CorFit Belt with MagneCore Pad - 2X-Large Lumbar Sacral Supports Deluxe Moldable Plastic Insert

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CorFit System 7000 - white

Item# 132ROCMM

CorFit System 7000 - white

  • Comfortable plush elastic back panel and double side pulls provide abdominal compression to maximize support in the lumbar region
  • The 5000 closure front panels add extra support and ensure long use
  • Four posterior stays are properly positioned to provide support, without irritation to your spine
  • Proportionally sized in height and length; taller belts for larger people and shorter belts for petties and children
  • Wicking material draws moisture away, while the improved CorEdge finish adds comfort without binding or irritation.
  • The height of the back support, Small - 6in, Med/ Large - 8in, XL -  9 in, XXL - 10in
3/2/2005 5:20:05 PM
Question: What is the back height of the support?

The height of the back support is as follows:

  • Small - 6in
  • Med/ Large - 8in
  • XL -  9in
  • XXL - 10in


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