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18in Ring Cushion - Large Ring & Donut Cushions 14in Ring Cushion - Small

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Donut Cushion - Large 18 in.

Item# B8108INM

Donut Cushion - Large 18 in.

  • Designed to allow patients with pain in the coccyx area to sit comfortably
  • Excellent for those with painful hemorrhoids or a broken coccyx
  • Height - 3in
  • Width - 15 in
  • Length - 18 in
  • Navy Blue cover included
3/1/2009 2:26:45 PM
Question: We are looking for a cushion that my husband could use while riding on this4 wheeler he has rectal damage for radiation.

For ridding around in a 4-wheeler, Donut Cushion - Large 18 in. would be difficult to keep in place and may not be as comfortable.  We would recommend that you consider one of the following options:

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