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Exercise Bike w/ Adjustable Seat
Exercise Bike w/ Adjustable Seat
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Exercise Bike w/ Adjustable Seat


This commercial self generating bike is designed with a seat that adjusts forward, back, up and down, adjustable levelers at the four corners allow easy positioning, display tilts forward and back to offer better viewing for all sizes of users.


  • Seat adjusts forward, back and up and down
  • Adjustable levelers at the four corners, allow easy positioning
  • Display also tilts a few degrees forward and back to offer better viewing for all sizes of users
  • Built in reading rack
  • Molded color in the plastic offers great durability and scratch integrity
  • Control display starts after 20 RPMs
  • Built-in reading rack.


  • 1 Manual program setting
  • 7 Programmed workout settings:
  • Constant load
  • Weight loss
  • Interval
  • CV Workout
  • Heart rate control
  • Fat burn
  • Rolling hills
  • Each program  has 8 “class” selections that alter the total resistance and can be
  • graphically seen in the “workout profile display”

Workout data includes:

  • Time
  • Heart
  • Rate
  • Watts
  • Calories
  • Distance
  • Mets
  • Workout level
  • Speed and RPM
  • All this data is seen either in the Alphanumeric, or in dot matrix display


  • Footprint: 47in L x  22in W x 59in H
  • Overall size: 51in L x 27in W -x 59in H

Manufacturer warranty: 3 years parts, 3-year labor, 7 yr treadmill motor




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